1. (grammar) In Semitic languages, the “adjective of superiority.” In some languages such as Arabic, the concepts of comparative and superlative degree of an adjective are merged into a single form, the elative. How this form is understood or translated depends upon context and definiteness. In the absence of comparison, the elative conveys the notion of “greatest”, “supreme.”
    The elative of كبير (kabí:r, "big") is أكبر (’ákbar, “bigger/biggest”, “greater/greatest”).
  2. (grammar) In Finno-Ugric languages, one of the locative cases. The elative case is a noun case that expresses “out of,” as in Finnish talosta, Hungarian házból (“out of the house”). Its opposite is the illative case (“into”).

7 letters in word "elative": A E E I L T V.

No anagrams for elative found in this word list.

Words found within elative:

ae ai ail ait al ale alee alit alive alt at ate ave ea eale eat eave ee eel el elate elite elt et eta eve evet evil evite ilea it ita la lat late lati lav lave lea leat leave lee leet lei let lev leva leve levite li lie lieve lit lite live ta tae tael tai tail tale tali tav te tea teal tee teel teil tel tela telae tele telia ti tie til tile vae vail vale valet valete vali vat veal veale vee veil vela velate vele veleta vet via viae vial vie vile vita vitae vital vite vlei